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UNSHACKLED! Dispelling 7 MYTHS that May Be Stopping Your Association from Harnessing the Power of the Web was written specifically for associations by top professionals who have been helping education associations, progressive advocacy groups, and member-based organizations all across the country succeed for nearly twenty years.

Through the work we have done at our firm, Visuality, authors Glenn Chung, Chris Micklos, and Jay Sapiro have seen first-hand how simple myths and misunderstandings can prevent even the largest and most powerful organizations from using modest, easily-accessible strategies to leverage, exploit, and unleash the power of the Internet in all its forms.

UNSHACKLED! will be available at soon for $4.99, but this is your chance now to get it for free! We hope you will use the benefit of our experience and expertise to get beyond the e-myths and really unleash the power of the Web!